Absolute boyfriend is a manga written by Yuu Watase.one thing is this manga contain romance as well as shoujo , comedy,tragedy and science fiction.it is a really full of saddness manga i’ve ever watch ….  (hee hee … i really cry in the last episode and can’t stop my tears ..  😛 )the summary is …

Riiko Izawa is a high school girl who had never had a boyfriend.  (how pity 😀 ). she had always been rejected by the guys whom she had a crush.one day on her return form school,she found a cellphone.later she returned a lost cell phone to a strange sale person, she said a wish that she want to have a boyfriend.(aung ma lay lay yuu lite tar …..  )to thank her the sale person give his company’s website to fine one. she thanked him and she ordered a figure from that web.the next day, the sale person arrive to her home with a very big box.when the open the box,inside she saw the figure she ordered.and the sale person sad that she have to kiss that figure by kissing.she names him “Night”.

Many problems have came between Riiko and Night.later, Riiko have fallen in love with Night.and also there was a Love trangle between Night and her childhood friend Soushi Asamoto.but she knew that her true love was for Night,she apologize Soushi …….

what’ll soushi answer?? try this anime 🙂